Blizzard Entertainment cancels BlizzConline 2022

Blizzard Entertainment canceled the online event BlizzConline, scheduled for February 2022, since the company is trying to regroup and reorient attention against the background of ongoing investigations and lawsuits that the company has been faced recently.

Any BlizzCon event requires each of us the efforts of the entire company, fed by our desire to share what we are creating, with the community that we care about so much, "the company said. "At present, we feel that the energy necessary to arrange such a show is best aimed at supporting our teams and the progressive development of our games and experience."

" In addition, we would also like to find time to rethink how the future event Blizzcon may look, "they added. "Whatever the event in the future, we must also make it as safe, hospitable and inclusive. We strive for constant communication with our players and see that BlizzCon will play in this big role. "

And for now, for the studio and its team teams, this is a common thing. "Despite the fact that we will not conduct BlizzConline in February, we will still make announcements and updates for our games. We are proud of our teams and progress, which they reached in our games. We have many interesting news and issues that we want to share with you. You will continue to hear about this through our franchise channels, and talented people from the BlizzCon team will play a role in supporting these efforts. "

more detailed information can be found on the official Blizzard website.

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