Blizzard introduced its first mobile game Warcraft

Blizzard introduced its first mobile game Warcraft called "Warcraft Arclight Rumble", which is positioned as a free strategic game of action genre with elements of the tower protection. Players choose 1 out of 5 types of leaders from Warcraft to manage their troops in battle. The game will present PVE and PVP modes, in which players will earn gold to call for additional troops to perform tasks, such as victory over the raid boss or enemies.

Judging by Everything, Warcraft Arclight Rumble resembles Clash Royale, a popular Supercell game. This is not a complete clone of Clash Royale, since the cards seem a little more, and some units depend on the fraction. Although many avid World of Warcraft, most likely, do not approve on mobile devices, people should still approach this invariable. Not all mobile games - garbage.

Those who are interested in this game can first register on the official website. There is no information about the release date yet.

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