Blizzard is not going to Gamescom this year

Gamescom is considered the largest exhibition of video games in the world: only last year it was visited by 370,000 visitors, which clearly exceeds E3 (just over 69,000). Gamescom is open to the public, while E3 is mainly an industry event, which is obviously a significant factor in this difference, but even it cannot be denied that this is the main international event. Despite this, Blizzard decided to miss this event this year.

"As part of the efforts of our current games and our future projects, we will not have a stand on Gamescom 2019" , - Blizzard said today.

in the past, Blizzard presented at this event the first Overwatch card after exit, supplement to World of Warcraft and even the first public appearance of Starcraft 2: Heart of the Storm.

In February, Blizzard said that after the record year, which led to hundreds of dismissals in the company, in 2019 there will be no "large releases", which probably explains their absence on Gamescom. Having less information, we can assume that they hide something and they have something for Blizzcon. But Blizzard also mentioned that this is not a constant state of affairs: "We are looking forward to returning to the Gamescom site in the future."

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