Blizzard is trying to clean the Twitch chat for Overwatch

Blizzard began with a global Twitch chat global cleaning for Overwatch. To do this, a new mode of moderation has been developed, which requires users to interconnect Twitch and, before starting correspondence in the chat.

the new mechanics is tested on the Twitch channel for Overwatch Contence, League development for beginner professional players. The quarterfinal matches of the third season are already starting and lasting until January 12, and when you start watching a broadcast, there will be a proposal that you tied your accounts Twitch and

The goal is to create "more positive viewing experience ", - wrote on Blizzard on the Overwatch Contenders blog. It is not clear how exactly this will work: the developers did not mention any punishments for the Twitch chat toxicity, but the fact that your accounts will be connected, suggests that any punishments for Twitch can also affect

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