Blizzard revealed the details of Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment revealed some very interesting details about the Overwatch 2 shooter during the last stream of developers, including how they plan to change the current meta. The team plans to do this by adjusting the size of the team and changing the role of tanks in the PVP shooter.

"The main experience of PVP in Overwatch will shift from six players to the team up to five players to the team," the developers explained. "In standard PVP modes Overwatch 2, each team will contain one tank, two damagers and two support heroes. This evolution brings a serious shift to the approach of the team to all aspects of the game, from the design of the map to the dynamics between roles and how they interact as a team. "

according to the studio, the goal is To encourage tanks to become more aggressive and direct them towards aggression, and not just absorb damage to the team. In addition to changes in tanks, role passwords will be implemented in the long -awaited sequel. These new passions will give damagers access to acceleration and give support heroes the opportunity to restore their health outside the battle.

"It is expected that this transition from protecting your team to a full -time battle will affect the PVP rate and pace," Blizzard said.

The team also announced the new Push game mode along with several new cities of cities during stream, which you can watch completely lower.

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