BlizzCon 2020 is canceled

In April, Blizzard warned that BlizzCon "could be unrealistic" this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Today the studio has made an official statement: BlizzCon 2020 is canceled.

"During this time we had a lot of discussions about how the event might look in the light of the latest events related to the epidemic, we should take into account the health and safety of people" - wrote the executive producer Blizzcon. "We also talked about various options. Ultimately, after considering all these options, we came to a very difficult decision: not to conduct BlizzCon this year. We are deeply disappointed with this decision, and we imagine that many of you will most likely feel the same. I really love BlizzCon, and I know that this opinion is divided in Blizzard. "

But there are good news. The good news is that, like many other companies, Blizzard plans to hold an online event to "convey the spirit of Blizzcon." The details have not yet been disclosed, including the date, but it is expected that this will happen in early 2021; It is also planned to replace some e -sports competitions, which are usually held on BlizzCon, including the global Hearthstone finals and the World Cup in Overwatch.

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