Blue Protocol: The classroom is presented

The developers of the MMORPG Blue Protocol continue to introduce players with the development of the project. In the first version, you can choose four types of classes, and the class is selected when creating a character. In addition, if you go through the game to a certain extent, you can change the class and choose one of the four classes, as you did when creating a character.

This time a warrior was shown. AEGIS FIGHTER holds the front using the nearby attack swords and strong shields. A class with a good balance of offensive and defensive skills, which is aimed at a confident defeat of the enemy, at the same time, surpassing him in the strength of the defense and identifying the enemy’s tactics.

『ファイター ファイター』

近 距離 攻撃

剣 強固 な 盾 を 駆使 し 、 前線 を する。 防衛 力 長け 、 相手 の 戦術 見極 め 、 確実 に 敵撃 を 狙う バランス バランス バランス 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 攻守 HIPの 良い クラス。

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- Blue Protocol (@blueprotocol_jp) July 12, 2019

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