Blue Protocol: the first video and zbt

The announcement of the online RPG Blue Protocol from Bandai Namco took place just a week ago, and today the first video appeared, after watching which you can see the place that you have to protect with a bunch of bright battles.

RPG Blue Protocol is an anime RPG, in which you need to unite with your friends to stop the destruction of a very attractive world.

Expect the system of creating characters, various classes and weapons, as well as many multi -user brawls, where you can unite with comrades to defeat monsters. The world itself is a mystical place that used to be the place of meeting the gods, but now it is full of people and monsters. Ancient ruins will be studied between the fights with monsters, the treasures will be obtained and you can find ancient technologies.

The site was launched along with a debut trailer, where Bandai Namco also announced the alpha testing, which will be held from July 26 to July 28, but only in Japan. The release date is still unknown.

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