Borderlands 3 released the first addition

While any other game adds snowflakes and gifts, Borderlands 3 is hidden on the old dark casino ship in its first addition to "Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot". If you missed something, then the dead Jack returned in the form of a hologram to "instruct you on the true path."

Seven years have passed since the handsome Jack left the game. Apparently, believing that revenge is a dish that is served cold, Moxy sends you to robbery to capture the casino ship. Naturally, you will find more than just money. There are also new weapons and trophies.

previously Gearbox stated that Handsome Jackpot is intended for players who have reached at least 13th level, and that the increase in levels will provide players with a higher level. You will need to unlock the flying shelter of the Sanctuary III to start the addition campaign.

You can see the launch trailer below. If you want to get a more complete idea of ​​what Handsome Jackpot robbery is, you can see the first 13 minutes that Gearbox has previously demonstrated this month.

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