Borderlands 3: The new trailer introduces the brain

Earlier this week, Gearbox introduced the players with the character Zane, half a retired corporate killer who has become a warehouse hunter in Borderlands 3, which relies on cunning, technology, accurate use of violence and violent Irish charm to perform their work.

Today is the time to meet the Brain, a former soldier who decided to try herself alone after the rest of her detachment encountered a problem that was supposed to be her last mission.


Although it is not entirely alone. Her best friend, an iron bear, is still with her. Although the iron bear is not a living creature, but this is her fur, which is so close to her that she offers him food, and this is somehow not a very healthy way of thinking. But there is no doubt that the two -legged death machine with at least partial AI programming is a very convenient thing when everyone wants to kill you.

a more detailed description of the abilities of the brain (although in fact these are the ability of an iron bear) You can find on the official website Borderlands 3 is released on September 13 at the Epic Games store.

p.s. By the way, the Borderlands 2 shift code is hidden in the trailer: it is not noticeable immediately, but if you look closely, you can see. If you want to find it without outside help, do not look at the image below.

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