Borderlands 3: The next update will be in the style of the Wild West

Traditionally, the update of Borderlands 3 will be with a huge name, which is difficult to enter into the headline. "Bounty of Blood - A FISTFUL of REDEMPTION" The next major update, in which one of the cities of the border planet is under the constant threat of the gang of the devil's riders. The sheriff appointed a good reward for the capture of fierce criminals and offers you to pick it up from June 25.

While you will chase the devilish horsemen, you will find new characters, for example, such as Rose, which with a gun and a blade in your hands . The passage of plot missions will help return its former glory to the city, and your adventure will be told with details and comments on action.

Bounty of Blood will also add the new JetBeast Hoverbike, which can be improved by various weapons. The new Wild West Firearms will also be naturally.

"Bounty of Blood - A FISTFUL of REDEMPTION" - the third of the four issues of the campaign planned for Borderlands 3, which should be released on June 25th.

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