Borderlands developer is working on something "big"

If you had any doubts, then yes, the studio that makes the Borderlands games is working on the next Borderlands game. The General Director of Gearbox Entertainment has denied some rumors about the joint development of a new game, saying: "Gearbox is a leading developer of any future Borderlands franchise games. He also added that the developers of Borderlands 3 "are working on something big." The next game is almost always "big" when it comes to games developers. But, perhaps, Gearbox is considering already starting to make hints of their plans.

"I was informed about rumors that Gearbox" helps "or" participates in the development "of another Borderlands game (or a new side game). These rumors are not true. Gearbox - a leading developer of any future games of the Borderlands franchise (or any adjacent Borderlands games) without joint development - said on Twitter. "We definitely work on some amazing things that, I hope, will surprise and delight you." Borderlands 3 was launched back in 2019. Since then, Gearbox has released several additions.

Given all this, it is possible that Gearbox will pay priority to the next major shooter from this series. It seems that the studio launched the announcement a little early on this subject, especially taking into account the fact that they announced Borderlands 3 in the same year when it was launched. Most likely, "surprise and delight" is what we will hear about in the near future.

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