Bungie diverges from Activision, but retains control over Destiny

Very unexpected information from Activision this week showed that the company diverges with the developer of Destiny 2 Bungie. But the truth is the developer-developer in the future will have control over a science fiction shooter.

Recently, not everything was smooth in relations between companies, and every day the voltage only grew. Let us recall at least last year, when the leaders of Activision said that Destiny 2: Forsaken "did not justify their hopes and does not work so well."

The public statement of the game director Luke Smith "We were not disappointed in Forsaken. We just came to the decision that we will create a project that will like Destiny players. "

Now we’ll move ahead a little and see the statement from Activision:" Today we are talking about the future, the Bungie studio should accept all the rights to publication and Responsible for the Destiny franchise. In the future, the Bungie studio will become the copyright holder of the franchise and will continue its development, and Activision will focus on existing and other projects. "

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