Caudahar Class Cashin Impact comes to Genshin Impact

The new class inspired by the samurai of Kaedehara Cazeuha comes to the MMORPG Genshin Impact with today's banner "Free Spirit of the Wind". Perhaps this is not so, but Cazuha is actually a good class of support with the ability to strengthen the spontaneous damage of other heroes. He can also attract enemies before applying a powerful ao-atak. And, obviously, he also likes Hike (the genre of traditional Japanese lyrical poetry), as shown in the new Mihoyo trailer.

"Talent" Poetry of Song of the Wind ", Kaedehara Cazuhi gives all the characters of the detachment with a bonus of elemental damage proportional to his skill. ". You can also switch to the official website of Genshin Impact for additional information.

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