Check your forces in CBT Chivalry 2 next week

Already next month, the medieval battaling simulator Chivalry 2 will announce battles for 64 players. But until this point, you have the opportunity to take part in a free open beta test. The developers of Torn Banner Studios published a new video where they showed all the opportunities that you will have during CBT. An open beta version will be available the next Thursday.

several game modes, configuration of the hero and duel servers on PC will be presented on the open beta test. You can see all the possibilities of customization of characters whose functions are simply extensive. Starting from the shape and type of nose, and ending with combat emotions and voice remarks. All this should make your character unique.

In addition, the TB will have several cards of command purposes, command mortar fighting cards and play mode for everyone in which you can fight with any other knight in the match.

The open beta version of the Chivalry 2 will begin on the next Thursday, May 27, and will end on June 1. You can pre -load the demo version 24 hours before the appointed period on May 26 in the Epic Games Store.

chivalry 2 will be in full on June 8. In addition to PC, the game will be available on PS4, PS5 and Xboxes One / X / S.

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