CHERNOBYLITE: Game of horrors for survival and search for a girlfriend in the zone

FARM 51, known for the creation of games such as the World War 3 and Get Even online player, opened the veil about the new science fiction project of horror and survivalChernobyliteabout which the developers talked about last year. The plot of the game unfolds in the Chernobyl zone 30 years after the disaster (somehow everyone rushed to make games on the topic of Chernobyl, you don't think you?).

As in Stalker, in Chernobylite you will study "Beautiful and terrifying »Territories in the zone where stalkers live (yes they have the name), with whom you can cooperate or compete, but it is better not to trust them. You will have to fight with the mildly strange creatures, no, these are not mutants, but these are terrible animals, it is natural to crawl the ammunition and find stocks, and you will also follow a strange supernatural story.

But everything is completed by the personal story of the hero who is completed, which Once he was a young physicist and after the disaster in Chernobyl lost his girlfriend. You play the main character, so you have to find it.

There is still no information about the release date, but there is already a page on Steam.

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