Chinese moratorium leads to the closure of video games companies

Since July 2021, the National Press and Publications Directorate of China (NPPA) has introduced a moratorium on the release of games in the country as part of their struggle with what they consider spiritual opium, which threatens to destroy the whole generation of their citizens. These restrictions had a significant impact on Chinese companies producing video games, including Tencent, and led to losses of a media giant of $ 60 billion.

Unfortunately, it seems that these restrictions will remain in force until 2022, And small studios, which have less financial freedom than their larger colleagues, began to close or "freeze" their activities. According to South China Moring Post, about 14,000 companies related to video games, including development studios, publishing companies, advertising and marketing firms, stopped their activities due to freezing.

Other companies were forced to dismiss employees from -The lost profit, while larger ones, such as Tencent and Netease, decided to expand abroad to compensate for their losses. In particular, Tencent absorbed the video game studio around the world. Только в прошлом году компания приобрела в общей сложности семь студий, а именно: Don't Starve's Klei Entertainment, Spec-Ops: The Line's Yager Development, Hood: Outlaws & Legends 'Sumo Digital, Battlerite 's Stunlock Studios , Ninjala's Wake Up Interactive , Warhammer: Vermintide's FatShark Games and Back 4 Blood's Turtle Rock Studios.

, In the meantime, the Chinese government continues tough measures in relation to games, limiting the time of minors up to 3 hours a day and introducing antimonopoly measures, as well as new standards For games that will be released in the country. These standards prohibit female -like characters, games with the so -called "blurry moral borders" and games similar to games made in Japan.

NPPA has not yet commented on this issue and has not indicated the time of cancellation of the moratorium.

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