Closed beta testing the World War 3 shooter has already begun

November 26, 2021, a closed beta testing of the updated tactical online player of World War 3 from and The Farm 51 with processed cards, shootings and animation of characters began. Closed beta version will last until March 2022, when the game goes to open beta version and business model Free-to-Play.

" and The Farm 51 3 as an unsurpassed first -person shooter, and we are very glad that players will have the opportunity to independently evaluate the many recently made improvements. In the ZBT you will find improved work of weapons, new animations, more realistic maps, a wide range of personalization capabilities (including realistic equipment and weapons) and much more.

go on the battlefield in two exciting gaming modes: play as part of the detachment and capture or defend the capture points in dynamic mode tactical operations (20 to 20) or together plan tactical shots and tactical shots Large -scale assaults to gain the maximum number of murders in a classic shooting mode team battle to death (10 to 10).

During the SBT in these modes, it will be possible to play on the four cards covered by the war. Come in with a battle along the streets of Berlin, fight for control of Warsaw, fight in the harsh frosts of the city of Polar and storm the center of Moscow..

Closed beta will be open to all players who pre -acquired the game. All preliminary purchases will also include a set of lieutenant and an exclusive set of objects. Details on the official website of World War 3.

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