Closed New World beta test is scheduled for July

It seems that Amazon Game Studios is confidently moving forward with MMORPG New World, since the studio is preparing to move from the alpha version to a closed beta version. The director of the game made an announcement in a recent blog of developers, where he also spoke about the May alpha consumption.

According to the developers, the alpha test will last until July 6. During this time, developers will be focused on correcting errors, balancing, polishing and performance in the framework of preparing to launch closed beta testing on July 20.

Meanwhile, the May alpha renewal with two new expeditions was published: "Destroyed Obelisk "and" depth ". The update also includes a system of titles, locations for quick movement, adjusting the capture of forts, settlements, restriction on the number of equipment points.

"We adjusted our pumping lines and resting capabilities to accelerate pumping for random players and To present new ways to gain experience, "said Amazon.

Full notes for release can be found on the official website of MMORPG New World. You can also familiarize yourself with the update for the developers below to get additional information about the patce.

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