Closers: adds a new hero and a system of divine battle

This week, MMORPG Closers has released a fairly large update that adds balance correction, a new hero and a new combat system. The preliminary creation of the new character of Bai is already open, and you can play them after April 23.

The divine combat system has been added where you can join the fractions of Magra or Logger and perform tasks to earn points for your side. Climbing this rating staircase, you will receive various rating awards, as well as the ability to earn and make special items using crafting materials for a particular faction. The divine battle consists of three stages: the initial stage begins on Monday, April 22, and the final stage that allows you to earn double points from April 22 to 30. The "Curtain" phase, during which players can take their awards, passes between Tuesday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 7.

The update also laid the foundation for several events, finalizing the title system and a number of balance settings for the balance several heroes. All significant details can be found in the notes to the patch.

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