Closers: Friends become enemies

Yesterday has been a year since En Masse Entertainment launched MMORPG CLOSERS, and on the occasion of the first anniversary of the game, the studio introduced the next chapter for MMO animation. The first chapter of the third season, entitled "Rogue Agents" ("Proceedings") will be released on February 12 and bring with it the next bend in continuation of the history of the game. After the betrayal of the WildHüter team, which is headed by Wolfgang, the Black Lamb and Wolf Dog teams should now meet with their former allies.

Rogue Agents will begin with the first chapter of history and the main power of Tina in February, with an additional Content smoothly passing in September. It is noteworthy that players can wait for the appearance of two new characters: Bai will make his debut in April, and the set that owns claws will join the battle in August. And from today to the premiere of the new season on February 12, players can get a free -festive chest of the world server, in which there are various objects. And if you want to quickly refresh the story before Rogue Agents come out, be sure to look at the official trailer just below.

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