Closers opens up new content and launches New Year events

Naddic Games has released a number of new content in Closers and launched the annual New Year's event in the MMORPG anime-beer genre.

The game this week, called "Centum City Chapter 1", opens the gate to the same name Centum City, in which you have to go through plot tasks, explore the five dungeons, the battle with the boss, as well as the epic equipment that you can create.

"The temporary head of the Kim district was infected with the new Mastema virus. Closers are sent to a high-tech medical institution in Sentum City to save Madame Kim. However, a crazy researcher, Herbert West Hoffman, provoked them by releasing multidimensional monsters like flies, which he created and dispersed throughout the centum City. "

Additional rewards will also be available with the return of annual Closer-Mas festive event. For the passage of certain dungeons during the event, players will be awarded coupons that they can use to buy seasonal cosmetics and other sales in the gaming store. Players can also get awards for participating in a New Year's event, simply entering the system during the event.

New Year events will work until January 12, 2022. Details about the event and notes can be found on the official website of Closers.

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