Conqueror’s Blade: A large update adds 5 new units

Every kind knight needs a squire, therefore it is convenient that the free game MMORPG Conqueror’s Blade with a medieval war released its first major update of the "Knights of the Order", in which new units are added, the progress system is expanding and the player’s experience improves. Potential field commanders can now recruit Western spearmen, veterans, Maltese guards, foot knights and Maltese knights in their army to ensure reliable powerful support with significant stamina. For experienced players who have already reached the maximum level, the update also implements a new progression system - increasing title. Which will allow players of the maximum level to demonstrate their military skill with a frame with an icon of class, which display the achievements in the game.

The experience of new players was also expanded by adding new training quests that will serve to familiarize novice winners with various game gaming Concepts, as well as for the reward of their "star awards and equipment." In addition to new training tasks, there are also new daily, weekly and feudal quests.

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