Conqueror’s Blade: Added new warriors

In MMORPG Conqueror’s Blade, replenishment arrived. Regular military units, bought for bronze and unlocked for honor, formed the main part of each army, which has ever marched in the lands of Conqueror’s Blade. Now you can supplement these detachments with mercenaries - warriors who are fighting for profit (and not for the principles and promise of hot food) and who can provide useful income and XP bonuses for your entire detachment. For the price!

This price should be paid either in silver or sovereigns through the screen "Junite tree", which gives you a contract for unlocking the unit that you want (forever) hire without spending precious glasses of honor .

there are two advantages of having detachments of mercenaries in your detachment. Firstly, they are armed, which means that you do not need to worry about replenishing them with units after the battle. The second advantage is that when a detachment of mercenaries is selected for the battle, you get 10% of the growth of bronze, honor and experience of XP, which can be accumulated with any active Battle XP card or premium account.

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