Corruption 2029: The next game from the developers of Mutant Year Zero

The developer of the Strategic RPG Mutant Year Zero company The Bearded Ladies announced its next game, and you can play it very soon. Corruption 2029 is a tactical RPG, though there will be no animal mutants here, and the main characters are super-soldiers that you must control. Corruption 2029 should take place on February 17.

The very stylistics with scientific and fantastic soldiers, angular helmets and anti-utopia looks more similar to the X-Com, completely without recalling the Mutant Year Zero. The most cool Mutant year Zero was functional before the battle, reconnaissance and search for snipers, etc., in general, preparation, which makes it possible to make a good blow to the enemy, and you can do the same, expect the Corruption 2029.

Apparently that your detachment will be sent to separate missions as X-Com, and not to study the world in real time, like the Mutant Year Zero. Well, between the missions you will have to engage in the improvement and pumping of your detachment, but it is not yet clear how.

There are not so many details for the game that will be released soon, but I hope we will see a little more gameplay before the Corruption 2029.

The project will be released exclusively in the Epic Games store.

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