Counter-STRIKE will receive the offender disconnection system

Any game in the team, such as CS: GO, require a properly coordinated game between players. And in order to achieve proper coordination, it is necessary to communicate, naturally communication occurs with other players. Here, "pitfalls" appear here, although some players use the force of communication to establish ambushes or warn about approaching enemies, others use less friendly approaches.

to remove and their surroundings of this kind of clogging, Valve developed a new shooter system Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which will help reduce "abuse" in the game more "powerful" than current tools. This sounds quite simple, at least in general terms: players who receive "much more notifications of abuses" than others will receive a warning primary, and if notifications of abuses will continue, they will be automatically disconnected by all the other players. Other players will be able to enable them if they want, but the state of disabling sound by default will remain until the violators gain a certain number of points to remove the fine.

"Since the new system is based on notifications, it Allow users the opportunity to establish their own communication standards and ensure that their playing partners receive anonymous feedback when they go beyond the permitted one, "Valve reports.

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