Crimson Desert: Gameplay trailer for the premiere of the game

Pearl Abyss introduced a completely new official trailer for the MMORPG CRIMSON Desert game process in 4K format, which is shown on The Game Awards 2020.

In the Crimson Desert trailer, there are moments who are indistinguishable from Black Desert Online. This is not so bad - Mmo Pearl Abyss is great, but what is really interesting is how Crimson Desert will play. Announced a few days ago, but officially presented on The Game Awards, Crimson Desert is MMO, which clearly relies on the strengths of BDO, but with a much greater emphasis on the narrative for one player.

The developers say that Crimson Desert will still have a single-gray massive open world that players will use. At the same time, players take on the role of a certain protagonist named MacDaff, "a clogged mercenary fighting for their lands", and not a typical character that you see in most MMO.

The fight at first glance looks like Almost identical, but there are some interesting improvements. Instead of the fight against large clusters of monsters, it seems that more attention is paid to small -scale duels. Later, the player climbs to the dragon, flies on it through the sky and several times strikes the ice trolley, clinging to his back. Pearl Abyss also reported that PVP recovery, including sieges of locks, will be a feature.

Details so far, but Pearl Abyss stated that they will share them in the coming months, closer to the date of Crimson Desert in winter 2021 years.

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