Crimson Desert: Interview with Developers

After the first gameplay video MMORPG Crimson Desert on The Game Awards 2020, correspondents of the famous Korean Information Portal Inven have interviewed Pearl Abyss game developers. Below you can familiarize yourself with a brief content.

"We thought a lot about the genre. Despite the fact that last year we promised to show you the next generation MMORPG, there were many internal problems. This is part of the MMO-like sensitivity of the Black Desert service, how it looks and what game to develop using Crimson Desert. During the development, we still came to the conclusion that the project should express a narrative or script, and not the existing traditional MMO format.

"Crimson Desert" - you can’t call the ending game, even if you play solo and expect the finals. You can enjoy a story, an open world and enjoy content that other players and communities can use. This is a kind of multi -user game.

"Crimson Desert" - the AAA class played in Korea.

We conduct a lot of research on action during development. And if the Black Desert uses a lot of weapons, then Crimson Desert will use other combat equipment more. So you can see that the game will use elements of wrestling and taekwondo.

Two modes will be presented in Crimson Desert: solitary and multi -user.

The very journey of the protagonist itself is a single part, but after its completion, the game becomes multi -user. You can play multiplayer when you want it.

Basically, during the development, the idea has not changed. The main character and characters around him act in the detachments of mercenaries. In addition, there is a battle of mercenaries. Most likely it will be a form different from typical, classic forms of MMORPG RVR and GVG. Players will play their stories to recruit mercenaries. In addition, each mercenary will have different skills. Some will take RKO, while others can use a suffocating blow.

Crimson Desert will be filled with riddles. So the runes in the game symbolize ancient knowledge and ancient legends. As you pass the game, you will receive knowledge and legends that correspond to the characters, and this is a rather important factor in the game. Thus, players will be able to travel around the world, explore, receive various knowledge and earn awards by solving riddles. When you get ancient knowledge and legendary objects, you also get various abilities. For example, one of them is the ability to use an electric discharge and zipper to obtain legendary items.

In a multiplayer and single game, all objects and levels of skills will be connected. By default, it is seamless, so the load will continue.

In Crimson Desert there is already a "dungeon of time". Using movement in space, the main character faces unique puzzles and special enemies. If you go through this part, you get special knowledge. "

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