Crimson Desert: New Mmorpg by Pearl Abyss

At the last G-STAR exhibition, the Pearl Abyss developer presented its next MMORPG CRIMSON Desert. The events of the fantasy Crimson Desert will unfold on the continent of Piwell, where the history of a group of mercenaries fighting for their lives will be disclosed. The protagonist of the first Crimson Desert McDaff, is the leader of a group of mercenaries with a tragic past. Burdened with his duties, he must survive in the deadly lands of Piwell.

Crimson Desert will be represented as MMO and as a single content. According to the leading producer of the project, the project was originally planned as the pre -Helpg Black Desert Online, however, in the development process, it was decided to make Crimson Desert a separate game with its storyline and absolutely new heroes.

The first cinematic trailer Crimson Desert was created on the recently developed Pearl Abyss engine.

Crimson Desert is currently planning to conduct beta testing for PC and console in 2020. The exact date of the project is unknown.

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