Crimson Desert: The developers spilled a little light

The portal has published a brief information about the past conference of Pearl Abyss, dedicated to financial analytics for 3 quarter of 2020. Everything that became known about the Crimson Desert project, which is being developed by the company.

in the fourth quarter of Black Desert, in the midst of the season, we will provide various updates at events to encourage users to participate. First of all, in December we will hold the online banknote "Calfon", which successfully passed in the first half of this year. In particular, users from all platforms will participate in this event, and we will have the opportunity to tell about the main updates for the first half of 2021 and hear the opinions of users, as well as the opportunity for dialogue and communication.

Most of all, as we have already promised, we will reveal the details of Crimson Desert in December. You will learn more about the game from the game video, including information about the quality of the game and the development stage. In addition, after our opening in the window, we will constantly provide you with information related to the game.

As for Crimson Desert, we focused on the console market from the very beginning. Since the game is developed with a very high quality and high degree of perfection, we believe that it will give really big results compared to Black Desert. We also have a lot of know-how accumulated thanks to Black Desert. And since Crimson Desert is developed with very high -class developers and is based on our next generation engine, we can guarantee very high quality. In addition, we have a very strong and exciting plot. And therefore, we believe that in the future he has all the factors of success. As for your question about the possibility of delayed launch, among our 200 developers who are developing new games, more than half of them are actually just focused on the development of Crimson Desert. That is why we have no changes in the fourth quarter of 2021, which should become the launch period. We will provide you with detailed information about the launch date after fulfilling our plan.

We would like to give you an additional explanation of Crimson Desert. Previously, console games were more focused on a single game. However, we believe that there is a possibility that it can also, depending on the network, become a game like MMO, in which many players will play together. That is why we believe that the Black Desert platform for PC was in operation and worked for more than 4 years, and then entered the sphere of consoles and became successful. That is why we were able to succeed on different platforms. However, we did not plan a console game at the beginning of Black Desert. That is why there were some factors, such as the user interface and the storyline that did not fully satisfy the game experience of console users. And it differs for Crimson Desert because it has the main MMO game point from the very beginning, as well as a console game, a very friendly interface and a storyline. And we believe that the quality is very high, and it can compete with any other games in the market of console games. Therefore, we believe that Crimson Desert will be more successful than Black Desert.

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