Crossout: new brawl and new map

April 05, 2018 in the MMO Action Crossout with a update of 0.9.50 a new brawl brawl was added, which has recently been fashionable among projects of such a genre.

"Royal Battle" in Crossout implies the participation of up to 32 participants, players find themselves in equal terms and their main task is faster than rivals to find weapons, modules and various details on the map.

In addition, the project was replenished with the new map "Bloody rocks " - these are the remains of the industrial complex on the wastelands. A dangerous place with sand storms and a strong wind, but for players it will only be more interesting, because there they will find tasks and many rusty pieces of iron and mechanisms.

, in addition to the above, the game modes are somewhat changed and adjusted.


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