Crossout: received an update 0.7.20

July 17, 2017, MMO Action Crossout received an update 0.7.20. This update brought to the game:

  • New types of scattering;
  • The appearance of clan battles;
  • The appearance of a new PVA card;
  • A variety of edits.

So, let's start with the appearance of cards. In order to visit the new "Two Tower" maps, the player needs to be in the Radio for the load. This card is interesting in that the adventurers are waiting for the wreckage of military equipment and valuable artifacts, so naturally it will not do without hassles.

fractional details were added: the flag and the standard that bring certain bonuses for members of the team of the same faction, But they are temporary elements.

a new mode of game appeared: "Big Black Scorpions". Where it is necessary to show all your sniper skills in order to get the desired reward.

Now brawls can be larger, because clan battles have appeared in the project. So far, the tournament is held in test mode three times a week.

more than this and other additions and changes can be found on the official page.

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