Crossout: update, new mode, missions and much more
Yesterday December 8, the MMO Action Crossout renewed an update that added decently new products: new modes, missions, raids and even music! But let's in more detail.
So, the new mode of "Bedlam" speaks the name itself. The developers offer players to break away by fully trying this mode. The number of players on the map is a maximum of 16, regardless of how you entered the card - all participants become your enemies. You can revive as much as you like, without restrictions.
a new mission "Training" has appeared, which enables mechanics to conduct training in conditions of resembling military operations. This mission is a great option to check your skills by practice on the bots.
A new raid "The Defense of the Frontier" is especially for experienced drivers and veterans of the Wasteland. >
A dangerous territory was added, however, it was here that an interesting artifact was found.
except Togo, the changes affected the minimum requirements of seasonal tasks, factions, mechanics of accruing reputation for the battle, the power parameters of cabs, weapons and much more. .

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