Crowfall: Changes in the SPIL SYST

I think everyone will agree that the meaning of the PVP system with the seizure of land and territories is to create interesting PVP battles between players. If you can simply constantly capture an empty fort, is it not interesting, right? But this was not the only problem that the developers noticed using the existing MMORPG CROWFALL siege system, which simultaneously demanded that each player enter the system every night and be ready to protect shelters with the same intervals, regardless of general activity. So what happens when you notice these problems during testing? You begin to build the best system of siege windows.

the new system will include all the main control points according to the schedule, guaranteeing that the forts have structured vulnerability. Also, more details are available in the game schedule, and the schedule itself gives the priority of the time of the high activity of the players, so that protection should occur more often when many people already play. This should help push most battles to real battles, and not to unilateral actions against empty structures, so it should become more fun.

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