Crowfall: How developers try to connect PVP with the open world in MMO

The player’s battles against the player in most modern MMOO is pointless. Of course, there are some exceptions, but most of the reasons for starting a fight with other players are to score glasses in the leadership table, earn a cool object or just laugh. For example, The Elder Scrolls Online players from the very beginning of the game fought for the title scrolls, but no one has ever won this battle.

This is Sizifov Labor, which is repeated until one side surrender from boredom and not will do something more productive with his time. And this is provided that you are not caught in a trap on the server where one group reigns, while everyone else is competing. This is a long -standing problem, which, according to the two developers of MMORPG CROWFALL, is finally possible. Their name is J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton, their game is called Crowfall, and their solution is simple: to put an end to endless wars.

Today, an interview with the developers of MMORPG Crownfall has been published on the PC Gamer website, and if you follow The development of this project, or you just wonder what new appeared in MMO, then read below.

Crowfall, which was first launched in the amount of $ 1.7 million in 2015, is an ambitious PVP-oriented MMO With one unique turn: in the end, one of the sides wins. Instead of having constant servers on which the players are expected to create characters that will last endlessly, fighting for the endless tug of the rope, Crowfall focuses around temporary campaigns, which cover from several weeks to months. When the campaign ends, one side is declared the winner, and the new campaign begins with a completely different map and a set of rules. And after three years of development, Crowfall is finally ready for my first campaign in history.

I met with Coleman and Walton last week to discuss Crowfall before updating 5.8, which is released today. Although the full release is still far away, the update 5.8 marks a very important milestone for the Artcraft Entertainment command that the ambitious vision of Crowfall will be first tested. "We have been testing for a long time," says Walton. "We started testing back in 2015 with our patrons, and all this time we tested the parts and parts of Crowfall. This is the first time we actually gathered the whole game together. "

starting from today, players can join the first Crowfall campaign in the history of the campaign and declare the faction for which you need to fight. Then in the coming days they will cooperate with the allies to provide control points in various zones, collect resources for the construction of fortresses and equipment, and start a war against two other groups. Over time, the physical world will also change to add even more oil into conflict. The boundaries between the fractions will expand or decline, but the world itself will also survive the seasons in which the number of resources that players can collect is gradually decreasing, which forces each army to enter into increasingly desperate battles for survival. In the end, winter cold will leave the Earth completely barren, which will force three fractions to join one climatic battle, which will ultimately determine the winner.

This dynamic landscape of hostilities It is a decision of some aspects. When MMORPG Shadowbane was popular in the mid -2000s, Coleman said that the servers were ultimately "stagnated", since one group will ultimately become dominant in their competition. "In the end, someone will rise to the top and crush someone else who can challenge them even before they start working," says Coleman. "The new players came, died, and then left, and the winners left because there were no problems. If one person begins to win too often, then everyone leaves. You need to finish this game and start all over again from the new sheet. " And this is exactly what Crowfall does.

the trick is that each campaign is absolutely unique. Maps and zones are randomly generated, so every time you join the new campaign, you will need to look for resources and strongholds of the enemy. But campaigns can also include various sets of rules that significantly change perception. For example, Coleman says that some players may want to play in the Terminator campaigns, where each player should start with a completely new character. Others may want to take their experienced warrior in the campaign, limited by characters of the maximum level, in order to really check their power. Some campaigns will only allow whole guilds to compete, while others can only allow certain characters' races, such as elves and gnomes. You yourself decide in which campaigns you want to participate.

The victory in the campaign is more than just boasting. Although awards may change, players can count on the fact that they will leave with unique cosmetic objects and resources that they can then use in further campaigns to give them an advantage - provided that the sets of the rules of this campaign allow this.

All this is based on the economy completely controlled by players, similar to Eve Online, where players have to rely on each other in creating protection and equipment. Each faction is an interconnected network of players who can be soldiers, collectors and artisans or any combination of them. "They are all interconnected in such a way that we have lost in MMO," Coleman explains. "In the days of old MMOs, such as Ultima Online, the decisions that you made could affect other people, but we moved away from this genre. The person who collected resources can then sell them to the artisan who can make the legendary blade that he gives the killer for use to destroy people protecting the key fort. This can turn the course of the entire campaign. "

how you fit into this ecosystem depends on how you build your character. Crowfall presents 12 unique races from elves to minotaurs and humanoids of guinea pigs, each of which, in turn, can play in its class. As the characters' levels increase, they will open the trees of talents that specialize even more in this class, and also be able to spend points in disciplines that give them skills from other talent trees.

For example, a knight could raise Discipline in archery, so that, if necessary, he can switch to the bow. But this choice occurs due to the weakening of his abilities as a knight. In the same way, the character can choose craft discipline to gain access to the best recipes for stronger equipment. Thanks to the system in which players can sacrifice the created and collect resources for obtaining experience points, you can even increase the character level to the maximum level 30 without even waved by the sword. "If you are a player who likes to delve into the RPG system and find the perfect assembly or the perfect combination corresponding to your game style, you will fall into heaven," Coleman laughs.

But what is the point of building a character on the server that is that Does it close in the end? Fortunately, Crowfall allows you to transfer characters from one campaign to another, although their specific sets of rules can prohibit certain objects or force you to start all from scratch. The idea is that the players will have several characters they love, and since you can reach the maximum level for the entire weekend, it will not be so tiring to start a new one.

there are also worlds, called eternal, called the player Kingdoms that operate as social and economic centers outside the campaigns, where characters can freeze and trade. Each player is given one eternal kingdom, and he can do with him everything he wants to turn him into a private headquarters of the guild or into a public market that other players can enter. Resources won in campaigns can be used to expand and form these sections of virtual land, at your discretion.

Despite the fact that in pre-alpha, many of these functions are already in Crowfall. But the first campaigns in the 5.8 update are mainly designed for stress testing of CrowFall server technology and eliminating shortcomings in the general design. To begin with, Coleman says that the campaigns will last from several days to a week, and the sets of the rules will be quite standard, but all parts are intended to expand to more bizarre sets of the rules in the future.

renewal 5.8 will also be Signal about the beginning of "authorized campaigns", which should be very competitive compared to more random regular campaigns. For its first authorized campaign, which will begin somewhere in January, Artcraft Entertainment will report daily battles similar to how CCP Games was used to cover the EVE Online policy and turns. The winners of this first campaign will also receive an item in memory of their victory in addition to cosmetics.

Looking even further, 5.8 portends the end of Crowfall pre-alpha steps, bringing it one more step to the full version. While most basic concepts have already been put into effect, Coleman says that one of the largest functions that he wants to add is campaigns that are limited only by guilds. These campaigns will give even more freedom, because players will be able to create their own fortifications anywhere in the world, instead of using template designs in ordinary campaigns. Since registration will be limited by members of certain guilds, and not by everyone, there is a lesser risk that the trolls will work in order to undermine the guild, but the spies can still sow chaos.

But it all depends on how the first passes Several Crowfall campaigns. Its subversive approach to PVP sounds excellent on paper, but it is also so different from the usual MMO template that it is difficult to imagine how it will develop in a real campaign. "A lot of explanations are required, because everything is different," says Walton. "Crowfall breaks the standard MMO model in many ways. It has more in common with the MMO of the first and second generation, because one player can affect thousands of other players. "

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