Crowfall released an update and began a campaign for friends

ArtCraft Entertainment released the first major "shadow" update, after the recently released MMORPG CROWFALL strategy in real time. The update presents a new PVP content called "The Shadow Campaign", which allows players to take part in the dynamic competitive tripartite battles of the fractions, regardless of whether they joined the guild or not. The worlds of shadows reflect the same competitive tasks as in The Dregs, from the point of view of conquests, the construction of protected citizens and control of territories. Nevertheless, the shadow offers the players, conscious and unprotected, the opportunity to take part in the conquest competition, where their choice can change the outcome of the campaign and the world. " It has become much larger to facilitate more large-scale battles that will provide the teams with more strategic opportunities for strengthening and control.

The updating also introduces several new additions and settings to the game, including new mobs of the ice and lightning and lightning and lightning and lightning. Significant improvements of performance, as well as accurate setting and improving the resources of the environment, craft resources, craft interface and class balance changes.

Meanwhile, Artcraft seeks to attract more players to the game to set new friends.

"Starting from today, all CROWFALL players can use their personal CROWLINK ( to invite friends to join you in CrownFall," said In the studio.

"Friends who will join from Friday July 30 to Sunday September 12, 2021, will receive 10 days of free access to Crowfall and a 25% discount to buy any game set! This is a great opportunity to strengthen your guild and expand your fighting forces! "

Details can be found on the official website Crowfall.

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