Crowfall: The developers talked about the inventory

modest inventory. Often this function is often perceived for granted in MMO, in the end, you need to store all these things somewhere. But any artisan or collector knows how important it is. The developers of MMORPG CROWFALL are also acted, so the last diary of the developers is dedicated to the inventory.

The players will have access to three various inventories:

- Personal inventory is a backpack in which the character is in which the character carries items with him. Items in your backpack can be plundered by other players when you are killed, but any items that you equipped cannot be stolen.

- the Bank of the Spirit- the account of the account, available to all characters of your account.

- the World Bank- (sometimes called the local bank) these are chests located in fortresses, locks and the temple of the faction.

Of course, the Bank of the Spirit is probably the safest place to store your values, But since access to it can be closed based on the sets of the campaign rules, this is not always the best place to store objects that you want to have at hand. Personal and world inventories, on the contrary, are more accessible, but the objects that are stored with you can be looted if you are killed in PVP. To learn more about various types of inventory and the roles that they will play in a larger Crowfall ecosystem, you can read this on the official website of the game.

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