Crucible: deleys two of the three modes of the game

The free Crucible shooter we received a mildly mixed reception when we left last month. And last week, the developers of Relentless Studios have published a statement where they explained that the reviews and critics of the players were heard, and they have plans for how to fix it.

Firstly, two of the three modes of the game will be disconnected to be disconnected to be disconnected. Developers could focus on improving Heart of the Hive, which turned out to be the most popular. This is a regime in which two out of four teams participate in the point of capture of the point and fight with the NPC until the monster appears, and they kill it. Two other modes will have been disconnected so far, and perhaps it will be finalized (although this is somehow not honest with the players who liked other modes).

Well, for now, work on these changes and additions will go The planned first Crucible content season is postponed. As the leader of the franchise Colin Johanson explains: "We will remain in the pre -season period until the functions and improvements that were determined by the community are completed." He also promises that the roadmap is being prepared, because no game with living services is complete without a roadmap.

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