Cyberpunk 2077: Gluck with a headless vi can scare

The so expected Action Cyberpunk 2077, let's not quite justify all expectations. The character of Vi is not used to cutting off his heads, but more recently, he suddenly also lost his head.

in the video posted on Reddit, it is clear that VI from a third person is in action, and not just in the photo mode. The player’s camera was stuck behind the car, which he drove, which is another problem that can be supplemented with a long list of corrections.

My Camera Got Stuck Behind the Car and Didnt Move. So here’s v in Third Person from Cyberpunkgame

The stuck camera makes it possible to look at the running vi with horror and horror. Not only doesn’t he have a head (although it is often found in games). But what happens to his hands? His hands fold like chicken wings.

Here are a few more moments with the body of VI, it simply stretches, and sometimes (video below), only legs remain! In general, some kind of horror...

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