Cyberpunk 2077 reached a new record among single games on Steam

A little earlier, the Fallout 4 shooter became a record holder on the Steam platform, since the simultaneous number in the same -user game of Bethesda at the time of launch in 2015 amounted to 472,962 players. But now the Action Cyberpunk 2077 has easily jumped up this bar, reaching the numbers 1 003 264.

Naturally, it is difficult to say exactly which number of players plays in the night city in the new role -playing game CD Projekt, as the project applies to different platforms Epic, GeForce Now and Stadia. Think of them much more. But you yourself can make sure you just look at how popular this topic is for streamers and the number of players who watch their broadcasts on Twitch.

The largest number of simultaneously playing users on the Steam platform was registered in January 2013 in PUBG - 3 257 248 players. Tep no less than Cyberpunk 2077 is gaining momentum and almost caught up with Dota 2 (1295114 players) and CS: GO (1308963 player).

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