Dauntless: exceeded 6 million players in the first week

The Phoenix Labs company announced that the recently launched free Dauntless RPG game exceeded 6 million players in the first week, having doubled the number of players from the time of open beta test on PC.

The developer adds that they are tireless They work to expand the capabilities of the player, improve the capabilities of the connection, optimize the loading and embodiment of players' reviews.

players around the world registered more than 20 million hunters, which exceeds 15 million hours of the game, while 60% of the hunting groups consisted From cross -platform players. Together, hunters won more than 13 million monsters.

I recall the free RPG Dauntless launched on May 21 at the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and in the Epic Games store with support for cross-games and cross-processions. "One Dauntless" is a vision of cross-games and cross-processions that Phoenix Labs plans to be implemented is the first for the gaming industry.

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