Dauntless first free update

Phoenix Labs announced the release of the first free open beta content for Action RPG Dauntless. The update is called the "coming storm". The update includes:

- the new monster- Koshya (it is in the picture above). A new threat appears on the edge of the maestro, and even the Austian navy seems helpless to stop the monster. People say that this terrible power is just a shadow of what awaits ahead.

- a new faction- Osian, they arrived in Ramsgate, bringing new technologies and materials. Their skill in the field of metalworking and complex mechanisms allows them to create devices that have never been seen in Ramsgate.

- the new Osiana grenades- grenades are the first of the several new innovations of the Osiano to Ramsgate to help Hunters in pursuit of cats.

- a new plot with quests, as well as new items and equipment for the collection.

with launching the update, players can expect a new one Content on an ongoing basis, the culmination of which will be a new weapon of long -range battle.

The incoming storm begins when the attack of the Austian warship begins, which makes them hide in Ramsgate. An ominous etheric storm looms on the horizon, and a new monster appears from the shadow - a cat marrying the arrival of the storm. Possessing the title of "Lord of the Spikes", cat is an evil beast that can destroy the strongest armor with its powerful spikes and vines and, undoubtedly, will become one of the most terrible opponents that players encounter.

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