Dauntless: Interactive roadmap is published

Dauntless is constantly expanding with the addition of new functions, new actions and, of course, new, terrifying monsters, and now, with the publication of the interactive roadmap of the game, players can explore all new content, which goes out during the development process for MMOs for monsters In Phoenix Labs. Some of the functions in the list are things that have already been announced, for example, the ONE DAUNTLESS cross-games project or have already been implemented, for example, the 3rd season, which started last month.

But there are many other juicy pieces that were either previously not announced or simply not discussed, and some of them are simply huge. For example, the game campaign receives a complete revision, during which the campaign tasks will be restructured and the ways of updating the equipment will also be processed, so instead of dividing into normal and heroic ways, the normal path flutters into heroic, providing a more natural curve of equipment development.

And in the field of settings, the developers are working to allow players to personalize their game styles with the addition of weapons and special attacks with the possibility of replacement. This is just an example of what Dauntless awaits, but if you want to know more about the future of the game, you can see a new interactive roadmap on the official website of the game.

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