Dauntless: open beta and first steps

May 24, 2018, the Cooperative Online Dauntless project from Phoenix Labs moved to the stage of open beta testing.

If you are not familiar with Dauntless or could not visit last year’s alpha, here are norifly things that you are you They should know before going to the destroyed islands.

The path to the opening of the beta version was long, but Dauntless became really better. Starting from the early alpha version to the final closed beta version, most of the game has changed a lot. The performance of the game has radically improved, especially in battle. The delays in the animation almost completely disappeared.

The destroyed islands were allocated to areas, each with its own level of monsters for hunting and a certain equipment. You can even choose your own hunting style: a patrol for a random monster to get additional prey; The expedition for obtaining bonus resources or the pursuit of a specific monster.

One thing that should be called is a new group line, since it is slightly different from what we are used to. Select a mission and you will find yourself for 5 minutes on the airship. At this stage, you can either prepare, or go solo, or wait until the team arrives and appears. The longer you wait, the more people will come. This means that time in line depends on your preferences and skills.

If you are not familiar with the hunting genre of monsters, the first feeling from the battle can be a little annoying. Attacks may seem slow and sleepy, and evasion may seem difficult. Your set of abilities may also seem somehow too small.

All this is deliberately in order to motivate you to increase your level of skill. Various attacks have a different duration, and you should decide whether you must wave a sword or evade an incoming blow. However, it is worth experimenting with various weapons; Quick chain attacks can suit your game style better than a slow hammer.

The monster does not have a health scale, but the wounds that you apply appear on the essence as the battle moves. Some monsters have certain vulnerable places, but their detection and use is the difference between a good hunter.

Know their weapons is also important, since there are several hidden combo, which simply wait for them to be activated. Each of them also has special abilities that can be activated by filling out the scale, and an understanding of how to charge and start these attacks will help you cause serious damage. Fortunately, the site has an official wiki that can help in this.

You should not start hunting for monsters with only one weapon in your hands. Instead, your disposal has a complete set of tools, the most important of which is outbreaks to signal the groups in the group when the monster was found. Studying how to shoot them, and how to follow markers when you see them in the sky should be one of the first moments that you will learn to do.

Secondly, this is a study of when and how and how and how and how Restore your health. At the early levels, you have various green potions brought from each mission, but you quickly need to learn how to collect resources. The use of potions is also not an instant effect, so you will have to move away from the monster before using Hilk or take a chance to lose a bottle.

control your HP, although your group may try to resurrect you while the monster is not furious, this process is not fast And dangerous.

Another important tool in your arsenal is a lantern. The basic version gives out a green cloud indicating you in the direction of the monster that you hunt, but later versions will increase the damage of your group, increase the speed of movement and much more. The study of how to use them, and which ones are more useful against specific monsters will become a significant factor in the game.

Yes, it is true that monsters are a rich source of vital components for the manufacture of weapons and armor. However, to complete the assembly or preparation of your own supplies, a wider set of abilities is required. Herbs, ore and other ingredients can be found on different islands, and now it is easier to determine them by their etheric green glow. The study of how to recognize and dig them in the middle of the hunt will help save and increase your reserves.

What is still important, the creation and modernization of your armor and weapons is an absolutely necessary lesson. The better the gear, the more complex monster you can kill, which means that the production will be higher. It is worth regularly paying attention to the fact that you can update, or even have a plan that you want to improve and what you need for this.

This also applies to consumables. There is nothing worse than landing on the island, only to find out that you forgot to make a new batch of potions...

for those players who love such a genre, the game will become exciting and exciting. In addition, the project does not stand still, various innovations and updates are constantly added.

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