Dauntless: represents a new terrible monster

The last update of MMO Dauntless, which brought several new materials, including the new Hippo Gellion, new hairstyles, new and improved user interfaces and characters setting up, has recently been released. As well as a stunning number of errors and improvement of the quality of the game. The killers can now fight with Scorpio Gellion, an enhanced, "terrible" version of Gellion, who will certainly experience the strength of even the most experienced killers.

in addition to this, the character setting was additionally improved with the addition of some new slider functions (as well as With the improvement of some existing). And finally, no less important, the developers have introduced new user interfaces to create grenades, create potions and purchase intermediaries, simplifying their navigation. Although the patch may have been a little small in the aspect of the new content, he also added a whole ton of error corrections, as well as a couple of settings, the details of which you can find in full notes for the patch in the game.

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