Dauntless: The beginning of the ZBT today

After the alpha version at the beginning of this month, the developer of Phoenix Labs announced that the RPG Dauntless will be included in the closed beta version of September 1, which, as it turned out, today. To disseminate the information that the Dauntless ZBT has already begun, Phoenix Labs released a new trailer today.

Jesse Houston, co -founder and executive producer of Dauntless to Phoenix Labs, spoke a little about the transition of the game to closed Beta, and also told About what alpha testing to him and his team.

Houston said the following:

"Alfa-version was inspiring experience for everyone in Phoenix Labs. We cooperate with the Feedback integration community, and also improve the project every day. Dauntless is a living game in which we will continue to develop, grow and expand thanks to the ZBT, CBT and beyond. Today's closed beta-release marks the beginning of an amazing journey that we will spend with the Dauntless community for many years. "

If you are interested in getting access to a closed beta version, starting from today, you will need to go On the Dauntless website and purchase one of the early access sets. After that, you can immediately go to beta version as soon as it goes on the air.

In addition, if you find yourself on Pax West 2017 this weekend in Seattle, Do not forget to visit the Phoenix Labs stand to try free beta.

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