Dauntless: The next update will make many changes

with the update of the "killer’s path" in the Action Dauntless, which is planned on April 24, players will access a fully changed progression system, with new tasks, new maps, new patrols, new "Completion of hunting" and many others. It doesn’t matter to the newcomer or the Dauntless veteran is an update for all players.

with a new change in the tasks system, beginners will now receive the information necessary for the start of mastering the early stage skills. When the "killer’s path" is released, players will immediately gain access to the new quest system. The killers who have already completed the training will be able to skip it and go directly to the whirlpool.

The new Dauntless update will also contain a new card that has a new dynamic appearance, as well as new information for players to plan their hunt, Such as the "threat level" panel with detailed information about the monster and the recommended level of power. The types of hunting also underwent shifts: expeditions are replaced by patrols and reorganized chases. A patrol is a means for obtaining fragments, one of the new materials for manufacturing that appears in this update.

new materials are tied to a new combined path of progress for ordinary and terrible weapons; All weapons begins with level 1, and then increases in power to the maximum level 15. All the progress, currently achieved in relation to weapons and armor, will be adjusted to adapt to this new system, although power levels may differ at the next entrance to the system.

at the moment you can get a complete picture of that what will happen next on the project website.

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