Dauntless: The project will linger a little

The developers of Phoenix Labs announced the game website that they will carry the open beta testing of Dauntless for 2018. They promised the new players who expected OBT that new content would have been added now, which may have not been included in beta earlier.

Closed beta - Testing for the game began at the beginning of this month and last month and last month For owners of early access to the game. Given what has been said, Phoenix Labs wants to make sure that the feedback they received in the first round of beta testing will work before the opening of the open beta version. "The feedback that we received was amazing both in quality and in volume - and its scale provided us with many opportunities."

If you are not familiar with Dauntless, in fact this is a free role -playing game that is It takes place in a world torn by various cataclysms where creatures like dinosaurs live and hunt for all surviving people.

Dauntless will include microtransactions, but the developer promised that they would be either cosmetic or temporary. A rare weapon and armor will certainly be in the game, so you should not worry about.

In addition, the developers shared Dauntless Roadmap, where players will be able to monitor the development and implementation of the assigned project tasks.

Dauntless will be available in 2018 as a free version for PC.

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