Dauntless: The update brings a lot of interesting things

The last renewal of content for the hunting cooperative RPG Dauntless is already here. A new creature, Boreus, the first monster capable of causing a swarm of flying minions to strengthen his power in battle.

Boreus also triggers the 3rd season Hunt Pass: Overgrowth. This seasonal event lasts from March 13 to April 16 and gives players a chance to earn a full set of Farslayer equipment. Other add-ons include emotions, epic instincts and much more for the tracks of Elite and Basic Hunt Pass.

Phoenix Labs, work hard to support cross-games for the console versions of Dauntless. The idea "One Dauntless" should come true in the summer of 2019, when three platforms see the official release (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Epic Games Store). Earlier, the exit was scheduled for April, additional time will be used to improve the gameplay and additional functions.

You can read more about Boreus and Hunt Pass Season 3 on the official website of Dauntless.

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