Death Stranding: A new trailer is published

The PlayStation Europe video channel published a new video of an interesting new Death Stranding video on which the famous game designer Hideo Kojima is working on. In this nine -minute video you will see a lot of gameplay with the heroes of the game and fighting.

In addition, the Australian PlayStation blog told some details. You will not succeed in playing with other people, but there will be a system of mutual assistance, that is, another player can, for example, send you resources. With the death of the hero, the game will not end for you, he will just appear in another world, from where it will still be necessary. Since blocking obstacles will meet on your way and you will have to look for bypass paths.

Death Stranding is scheduled for November 8, 2019, but, however, only for the PlayStation 4. It will be possible in the future the game will be released on PC.

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